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Shopaneum is the Future of Cryptocurrency E-Commerce

Shopaneum is the e-commerce platform, Allowing consumers to enjoy online shopping seamlessy, securely, and cost effectively. It serves as the bridge between the cryptocurrency world and the e-commerce world to satisfy consumers who previously couldn't shop while using digital assets.

Our Vision

We dream of to simplify the process of online shopping by allowing customers to shop through a e-commerce store powered with blockchain, whereby they can get quality goods in a clear, seamless manner at cost-effective prices while utilizing digital tokens of their preference making no compromises on efficiency, safety, and integrity.

Our Mission

Shopaneum is a forerunner in the emerging token market, and it will upend existing production ties and business structures, introducing a new business culture with the aim of mutual advantage of ecommerce with own unique token with wallet.

Shopaneum, equipped with cutting-edge technologies, is poised to lead the e- commerce market into the era of customer empowerment, breaking the hegemony of Internet powerhouses and ensuring that users control and benefit from the network.

Our goal is to become the most famous e-Commerce store in the world. Users of digital assets provide a variety of options for buyers with shopaneum token. We make an effort to build a network that uses Blockchain, Smart Contracts to harness the potential of technology. Our goal is to provide a platform for digital asset holders to use their crypto assets in a streamlined and cost-effective manner.

Building with Binance Smart Chain

Become a token holder and enjoy exclusive rewards!

Purchase Online on Shopaneum

You can purchase any goods from Shopaneum e-Commerce using your favorite cryptocurrencies, Also you can get 20% discount for your purchases when you Pay with SPN Tokens.

Look beyond Fiat and BTC

Shopaneum allows access to over 100 different cryptocurrencies to give you more options than ever before to make your purchases online.

Find the best price

Using our platform you can easily toggle different listings from major E-commerce hubs to ensure that you are getting the cheapest price for your purchases online!

No accounts necessary

With purchasing on our platform you do not need to sign up for any third-party accounts. Only a Shopaneum account is required to make purchases online.

Free Shipping

All items have fast & free shipping on Shopaneum, and get your item shipped free with no extra hassle in a one-step shopping experience.



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2021 - Q1
Pre - Prod
Seed Round Branding, UI/UX design, Tokenomics, Website and social media live
2021 - Q1
2021 - Q2
Proof of Concept Begins, Airdrop & Marketing, Shopaneum Presale, PancakeSwap Listing, Listing on in 1 Weeks, App Development, More Exchange Listing
2021 - Q2
2021 - Q3
Shopaneum E-commerce Release, App & Wallet Release
2021 - Q3
Infinite Loop
Additional partnership & collaborations

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